Leaves Screensaver

Leaves Screensaver

Leaves Screensaver will bring the beauty of autumn to your desktop

Leaves Screensaver will bring the beauty of autumn to your desktop.
This beautiful screensaver will allow you to feel all those different things that autumn does to nature.
Have you ever seen the leaves changing colors and finally falling from trees?
It’s a spectacle worth watching every year.
You can see how all the trees start changing colors from shades of green through yellows, reds and browns.
And when the leaves finally fall, it gives you a feeling of peace and calmness that nothing else can rival.

This unique screensaver allows you to watch the autumn leaves falling all around the screen.
You will see all kinds of leaves in many different colors, forming a multicolor display right in front of you.

Leaves Screensaver includes another feature that makes it even more interesting as a screensaver.
You can set different colors for the background, so you can put the way you feel in a particular day.
And, what I liked most was the ability of using your own pictures as a background.
Now you will be able to display a photo of that special person in your life, and just watch how the autumn leaves fall around him or her.
Or how about displaying a picture of your children? Or maybe your wedding?
You will surely enjoy the ambiance provided by this great screensaver.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very pretty and relaxing
  • You can use your favorite pictures as background


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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